Funny Infographic about Internet

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The State of the Web is a beautiful infographic/ poster that shows some interesting facts about the web in such a humourous way. I like how it is designed and think you would like to have a look and probably share it with your students and colleagues I have done my best to cross the F words included in it but some phrases though have no F words but still not proper to use with students, so be selective as to what parts you want to print out but do not alter the poster in any way if youare sharing it online Keep the credit of its owner please.

Just a little note, Thank you all for your emails over the weekend and please for those who did not hear from me I am so sorry I have a very busy schedule. my master studies and blogging ( 8 articles per day . Four for  this Blog and  another four for my second website The Best of Educational Technology ) eats up all my time.

The source of this infographic is Oatmeal