5 Informative Funny " infographics " for students and teachers

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In this post I will be sharing with you some " informative cartoonic images". This is a term I personally coined to refer to images which kinda look funny and hunourous  but contain a respectful source of information. They do resemble infographics but this latter is much more bigger and contain more information.

These informative images are taken from different sources which you will find under each one of them. They cover different topics ranging from technology and social media to societal issues. One awesome idea for teachers to use these images is to print them out and have some of them posted on your classroom wall. If you have a notice board in your classroom then this would be the ideal place to stick them.

Here is the list of titles you will find down:

  • Funny Infographic about Internet ( This is too long to be included here click on it to see it in a post alone )
  • The Internet League You need to Know About ( This  is the same as the previous one click to see it alone )
  • If Websites were pets 
  • Smartphones are the new cigarretes and here is why 
  • Good or Bad : The website alignment Chart 
  • The art of procrastination 
  • Innovation
  • Internet Vices

1- If Websites were pets ( source : Collegehumor )

2- Smartphones are the new cigarettes and here is why (  source :  Loldwell )

3- Good or Bad : The website alignment Chart (  source :  Smosh )

4- The art of procrastination (  source :  Superpasta )

5- Innovation (  source :  Joyoftech )

6 Internet Vices ( source Patrickmoberg )